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What is it, Courtesan? For the period of antiquity, it is customary to use the term "hetero." You should also distinguish courtesans from kept women and royal favorites. Classical is Venetian and Roman courtesans of the XV - XVI centuries.

The second wave falls on the XIX century, which was famous for the finest "half-light ladies", who usually, moreover, worked as actresses or a singer.

The term "courtesan" was often used to spoil the reputation of a powerful woman, so probably not all those who were modernly endowed with this name were such.

Courtesans were divided into two main categories:

the so-called "honest" courtesans, ital. Corrigan "Onate";

courtesans of the lower class - ital. coatigans "di lumen".

While the courtesans of the first category were often surrounded by romantic halos, almost no success with royal favorites [source not specified 1,679 days].

The main characteristic of "honest courtesans" - cotinine onset - was that they were in the content of one or several rich patrons, usually from the upper class. The “honest” courtesan had her independence and freedom of movement. She was taught the rules of good behavior, was able to lead a shy conversation, and sometimes was the owner of high culture and literary talent. (In this regard, cotinine onset is a peculiar Italian analog of the Japanese melt.)

In some cases, the courtesans did not come from lower society, but because their husbands were at lower levels than their patrons. Not all courtesans have sex with their patrons [source not specified 1679 days]. Known cases when they meet with themselves.

Some of the most famous courtesans were in the state salary for reporting on the content of private conversations in which there were interested persons for blackmail and other purposes.

What is the escort services?

Escort services, but not every one of them knows that this is their essential purpose. After that, people heard the above, began to frown. These actions need to engage in prostitution. This means "escort". You can get to know our girls closer.

Escort - what is it?

In our country, recently appeared escort services. They are provided mainly for all who are called the most successful people and financially secure. These people often take part in all kinds of elite events, attend various exhibition programs and gather their elite society for a walk. The question of how best to go to a business meeting to support a famous person, a wealthy and the whole person. It is known that such events are taken in society not to attend alone. Young and charming companions who are not only charming but also capable of supporting any business conversation. At the same time, it is effective to dilute it with its sophisticated and intelligent statements. Escort services are considered to be quite a powerful way to conduct various negotiations and resolve various transactions in the right direction. I know that this may be the most important role. In this case, the way to soften the position of the fastidious partner. Moreover, professional experts to help create a favorable atmosphere and greatly increase the status of clients. After he can achieve the desired result. It is necessary to come to a general conclusion that escort services are not much different from other tools for conducting the necessary negotiations. Due to the high popularity of the escort. And many people prefer to turn to trusted agencies, to order the necessary services for them and a perfect result in the end.


Escort Services in Turkey.

All of them have a higher education. She should be charming, smart, static and sociable. Extremely successful is the release of foreign languages, humanities, as well as psychology or journalism. In our modern companies often compete with existing model agencies. The main advantages of popular agencies provided by professional VIP-services are unique intellectual advantages. Moreover, the agency can provide only a female image. Young people should have compulsory conditions, which should correspond to the model appearance, must have a look, knowledge of foreign languages, as well as higher education. Many people may ask questions. The agency does not provide intimate services, because it is not interesting. Our clients prefer to provide services and these services have previously been agreed for a certain surcharge. After all, most of the firm’s subject to the above services, promises to continue for the client with sex. If you want to take a closer look at the issue of escort services, you need to come to a general conclusion that this can be beneficial for all cases when an intimate relationship is required. Therefore, many people prefer to order support without much effort.

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Many men held, wealthy, status, famous, resort to the service of an escort. This is especially true when a man busy with business and work needs to appear in a society or business meeting with a bright and sexy companion. Charming girlfriend allows you to save his reputation and maintain the image. Not all gentlemen can take a spouse to the meeting, and not all of them are married. That is why the escort service is popular.

The service of an escort is provided by VIP courtesans who have an education, speak foreign languages and can boast an outstanding appearance. In addition to accompanying at a business evening, social events, leisure, party or business trip, the girls gladly continue the evening in an informal setting, providing services of a sexual nature.


Escort services in Turkey from professional escort girls.

In our country, the escort is not a very common service. In large cities, there are special escort agencies in which you can contact and choose an interesting companion among the models. But in small towns and districts, it is very difficult to find a decent courtesan with the service of an escort. In addition, it is worth noting that escort services are quite expensive, not everyone can afford to pay that kind of money for a couple of hours of communication with a priestess of love.

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